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Helping our Neighbors in Need
When an elderly neighbor needed help with maintaining their property, Surf City Rotary was able and willing to help!  Through our connection with the Council on Aging in Huntington Beach, the trees and shrubs were trimmed, debris cleared away and some home maintenance was performed.
The owner was delighted to have had the assistance that our Club provided, to restore the home's curb appeal and reclaim it from its overgrown condition.
Story by David Theil,  Surf City Rotary of Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Shoe Project for Kids!
Our joint, twice yearly Shoe Project sends 150 young, school-age children from low income families, back to school with new shoes.  This is one of our many worthwhile and fun most projects.  
After shopping for new shoes, Huntington Valley Boys & Girls Club busses the kids, and their parents, back to the Delaware Club where Surf City Rotary Grill Masters have barbecued over 250 hot dogs!
Story by David Theil,  Surf City Rotary of Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Rotary eradicating Polio!
Since Rotary helped launch the polio eradication initiative, polio cases have fallen from 350,000 a year in 125 countries to just a handful in only two countries.
Our Club personally got involved with the administering of the polio vaccine in Mexico.  You are welcome to join us in helping to make a difference!


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