The "Miracle in the Bush"
For years, the Surf City Rotary Club of Huntington Beach, has supported the building, expansion, and Teachers salaries for this amazing School in Tanzania.  The “miracle in the bush” was accomplished from the ground up in 12 years.  As of today, the Endupoto Primary School now serves 650 + Maasai boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through 7th grade
Dear Family and Friends of Tanzania:
January and February are the months I’m usually in Tanzania writing about the beauty of the country, describing the dust as we drive to Endupoto Primary School and then as we travel further into the bush I describe the rutted dirt road, up the hill,  pass the giant baobab trees on the way to Oljoro Secondary School.  Instead the pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways.  I hope and pray this email finds you all weathering the storm.  I so regret not being able to travel to Tanzania, but am doing well at home in California. 
This 2021 Tanzania Journal is a report without the flourishes and the descriptive details, but with all the  heart that has always been there.  Just the facts:
Endupoto Primary School
The “miracle in the bush” was accomplished from the ground up in 12 years.
650 + Maasai boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through 7th grade
7 classrooms
6 rainwater harvesting tanks
2 teachers kitchens
1 kitchen for the students daily porridge
2 storerooms
1 dining shed
1 soccer field and one net ball field
1 nursery classroom
Latrines for students and teachers
Over 500 trees planted and cared for by the Maasai
School supplies, books, soccer balls, medicine and other supplies for the “teacher nurse”.
15 dedicated teachers 
(We pay the salaries for 8 teachers and two cookers, the government pays the salaries for 7 teachers.  We also pay the salary for one teacher to teach an English course during the month long June break.  This is in preparation for Oljoro Secondary School where most of the classes are taught in English.)  
Thanks be to God for dedicated teachers and the Maasai. Endupoto is a very successful school in the bush.  No decision is made without the Maasai community.   Endupoto is their school and they are immensely proud of it.  
Karen Royce, continues as the loyal finance manager and my partner in this work.  Vumi Magala is our Tanzania finance manager and our driver and Tanzania friend, Efraem Solomon is our new project manager.
Oljoro Secondary School
Four years ago the existing  boarding school consisted of only three classrooms. The students were sleeping on the classroom floors.  
We have added:
2 classrooms
1 student kitchen for their three meals a day
1 science lab
1 boys' dorm
2 girls' dorms, more girls are passing the national exam than boys 
Designed and had built 75 triple bunk beds
Teachers’ house and latrine and septic tank
Renovation of an the existing teachers’ house 
2 rainwater harvesting tanks
Dozens of trees planted and cared for by the students
School supplies, books, lab chemicals, microscopes, medicines
Our financial contribution is to share the cost of what is needed to attend Oljoro with the parents.  None can afford the full cost.  All students after successfully completing 7 years at Endupoto and who pass the National Exam, attend Oljoro Secondary School.  This was the first year for Endupoto students to graduate from 4 years at Oljoro.  We are happy to report 18 graduated and will continue their studies elsewhere.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support.
2021 Goals:  To build one classroom to reduce overcrowding at Endupoto and a much needed teachers’ room.
Karen Royce and I will be leading another safari in October 2021.  
Please consider joining us for the "safari of a lifetime”.   We’ve booked the lodges, planned the itinerary, hired three fabulous Tanzanian drivers and will let both schools know we are coming for a visit as time gets closer.  The beauty of Tanzania, its people, the wildlife, and the energy of the students and teachers awaits      you.  Karibu Tanzania, 
Welcome to Tanzania
Cheryl Kyle